Dodge and Weave - It’s All In Your Head

Want to learn to think creatively? Then train harder. Our creative director talks about what the Creative department has been up to and how the exercises they’ve used have helped change the way they think.

Now That's Magic: Implementing ScrollMagic

Our Developers like to get innovative with their coding, especially when it comes to dynamic sites. Recently, we launched our new site and with it a new way of viewing animations on scroll. You could say implementing ScrollMagic was as simple as the wave of the wand.

Social Media
Five Life Stages Of A Social Platform

What's the best way for a brand to interact with users on social platforms? Bryan Boettger breaks it down and compares the life stages of a brand's social presence on a platform to human life stages - something we can all understand.

The Two Components of Company Soul

A company’s soul is established through two key ingredients: its people and its brand. With The Buddy Group’s rebrand last week, its President and Co-Founder looks at how the company’s soul has been transformed.

Influencer Marketing
4 Tips to Building Effective Relationships with Influencers

Are you managing your Influencer relationships right? Read these tips for better content creation and brand awareness across all channels. You can thank us for it later.

Switching to Git

Headaches for developers… certainly something we try to avoid. Our Associate Director of Development shares how switching to GitLab from Subversion has improved efficiencies to handle client needs.

Social Media
We’re LIVE! 10 Things to Remember about Live Engagement.

Join the conversation — don't just listen in! These 10 best practices to live social engagement will enable interaction with, and valuable lessons from, your audience.

The Science of Art in Video

Our post-production supervisor and animator shares how what he learned from a variety of subjects in school can be applied to his day-to-day job.

Your Co-Workers Are Judging You For This… And It’s Not What You Think

Next time you're asked to play DJ at work use this helpful list to help avoid public-shaming. It's organized by genre and takes almost everyone's taste into consideration.

Social Media
5 Steps to Optimizing Google Plus Business Pages for Search Engines

Rank higher in Google's search results and maximize your Google Plus Business Page in just 5 steps. This is especially helpful if you're hiding on Page 2 of search results (or beyond) -- what we like to call, obscurity.

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