Social Media
Maverick Mondays

Today we're launching a new feature on our social pages called #MaverickMonday!

From Sketch to Screen: The Avatar Creative Process

If the art of advertising is all about intrigue and memorability, The Buddy Group's website hits on all the marks— due in large part to the cast of characters you will find on the team page.

Content Marketing
8 Tips For Shooting 360-Degree Video

Shooting video with a 360-degree camera like the new Kodak PIXPRO SP360 takes a slightly different mindset. Throw away what you’ve learned about shooting with a normal camera — there’s a new format in town.

Better Storytelling: Tech & Creative Collaboration

The current industry climate in LA is changing rapidly as tech and creative are coming together more often than not to collaborate on innovation and storytelling. Here's some insight from a recent talk at Creative Mornings LA.

Biz Dev
2015 CES: The coolest products and trends

CES kicks off each new year with various industries and organizations converging in Las Vegas to showcase the hottest and newest in technology. Working with some of those companies and industries we enjoy staying up-to-date on trends - take a look at what we thought made an impact.

10 Ways To Beat Designer's Block

Creative Block - it's a real thing and our creatives have some experience trying to overcome it. Here are ten tips we recommend to keep the inspiration flowing.

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