A Brief History: Visual Soundtracks

Music has the ability to evoke emotions, feelings and even a memory. It gets even more interesting when visuals are used to bring lyrics to life. Our resident Video Editor, Kevin Strick, is very passionate about both music and video. Take a look back at his brief history of the marriage between of visuals and music.

Building A Happy Hour App on Mithril and Ratchet PHP

Part II of the series Happy Hour At Work? There's An App For That. Here our Director of Technology, Brian Birkhauser explains just how the Development team went about creating the interactive Happy Hour App called Which Buddy..?

Happy Hour At Work? There’s An App For That.

Happy Hour just got a little more exciting. Our Development team created an interactive app that all the Buddies could participate in with their smartphones. Something simple, yet effective to garner some pretty good laughs and friendly competition.

Marketing Requires A Childlike Heart

Poetic inspiration. Take a cue from these words and don't forget to embrace your childlike heart. It's all about perspective.

4 Tools To Master The Digital Era

In an age where information is accessible at the click of a button, it’s important to know where to find relevant info STAT. Here are four resources to maximize efficiency and learning.

Hindsight is 20/20: 6 Reasons to Reflect with Postmortems

The Postmortem. Where some would shudder, we embrace project recaps as a chance to learn and improve the production process. Here are 6 reasons why the Postmortem is an essential part of any project.

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