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Engage kids and collectors and introduce them to a new generation of  Hot Wheels, the Custom Motors brand, while showing play pattern and customization.

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Was the perfect hybrid of storytelling and interactivity, and the most successful campaign we have ever launched in terms of reach – well over 20MM impressions overall – and still growing.- Mike K.


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Moving the energy of our already-electrified social properties to a revamped website; introducing new features to our fan base accustomed to a less-dynamic experience, including long-form content (Blog) and the Add a Recipe section.

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After two years spearheading KING’S HAWAIIAN social media efforts, The Buddy Group was able to transfer these learnings to 2.0, resulting in a more interactive destination for the passionate fan. One of my favorite updates was the Recipes section, which not only encouraged new, imaginative uses with the KING’S HAWAIIAN product; it also invited fans to upload inventive recipes of their own, which they were already sharing across social media. My other favorite update was the Blog section, which invited blogging enthusiasts into the Featured Blogger ohana (family) to share what KING’S HAWAIIAN means to their families, adding a touch of realness to the brand. – Cheryl E.





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You may notice a little extra bounce in our step this month.

This month marks eight years since we incorporated as The Buddy Group, Inc. in the state of California. We are feeling a healthy blend of nostalgia, appreciation and pride.  We will be highlighting some of fondest memories since inception here on

I would love to hear from you too, should you have a favorite you would like to see featured, just shoot me an email.

Over the last eight years we have launched more than 3,500 campaigns and digital engagement projects. Each hold a special place in our memory banks and make us who we are today.

To those of you who contributed to our success as employees and Buddies-thank you for all you give (gave) to TBG.

Those of you who trusted us with your product, marketing challenge or Brand story- thank you for the faith and partnership.












The picture above was captured at our first video shoot, in Laguna Beach California, for our own website.

We have a new Buddy and his name is Most know him as a multi-faceted entertainer and creative innovator, a seven-time Grammy Award winner and front man for the The Black Eyed Peas. We know him as the guy who inspired us to embrace our inner-chic-geekness, shout to the hills about how much we love science, math and technology and reminded us that “waste is only waste if we waste it”.

Today, in partnership with Membrain Licensing, we launched phase one of’s official digital presence . Launch of his  website today quickly follows a successful launch of’s co-venture with COCA-COLA, Both experiences are Powered by Buddy’s BUDeSYSTEM framework which manages content, assets, localization, search and social.

We look forward to continued collaborations with and Membrain Licensing as we explore the convergence of storytelling, marketing and technology. Buddy Up!

As seen on PR NEWSWIRE:
Pentel, producer of the world’s favorite writing instruments, partners with  
digital engagement authority The Buddy Group to launch of “Power of Pentel” Promotion

IRVINE, CA (June, 2013) – The Buddy Group, Digital Agency of Record for Pentel of America, is set to “Unleash the Power of Pentel” with an offline/online, national promotion supporting EnerGel-X® pens. The “Power of Pentel” gives consumers the chance to win $500,000 — $250,000 for the winner and $250,000 for a school of the winner’s choosing. With creative assets capitalizing on the excitement of the Superhero Summer Blockbuster, this promotion kicks off in June and lasts the entire Summer of 2013.


Specially marked packages of EnerGel-X® contain codes that consumers can enter into after purchase to see if they’ve won — including the grand prize and weekly second chance prizes.


But the fun doesn’t stop with entry. Fans of Pentel can engage in hero-themed contests to coincide with the theme of being a community hero by winning the $250,000 prize for a local school. The activities will take place on Pentel’s social sites, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.


The Buddy Group, as part of it’s third year as digital agency for Pentel of America, will execute the fully serviced campaign that includes program development, strategy, media, video creation, content marketing, discoverability, microsite design and development and of course, social platform management. “The Buddy Group’s experience at the intersection of storytelling, marketing and technology will continue be used to tell Pentel of America’s story: “innovative and quality production of the world’s favorite writing instruments for over half a century.” We are proud to “Buddy Up” again with Pentel of America and their smart and passionate team”, said Pete Deutschman, Chief Buddy of The Buddy Group.


“Pentel believes in the power of authentic online relationship building — The Buddy Group understands engagement, understands caring for customers and understands how to tie that all back to strategy,” said Ilene Albert-Nelson, Director of Marketing for Pentel of America. “The Buddy Group has a track record of finding a way to leverage technology and content as a means of engaging with our consumers in a meaningful way. In the last year, we experienced 1,025% growth and 1,670% more engagement on our social platforms.”


Pentel of America’s dedication to innovation and quality has led to the development of many of the writing instruments in use around the world today.  Pentel developed the Sign Pen®, the world’s first acrylic fiber tipped pen; Pentel Arts®, high-quality arts and crafts supplies; Recycology™, an eco-friendly line of writing instruments; and Super Hi-Polymer® lead – the #1 selling lead refill in the United States.


About The Buddy Group

The Buddy Group is a West Coast-based digital engagement agency that strategizes, creates, distributes and manages digital content for brands of all sizes. As a full-service agency, The Buddy Group operates at the convergence point of marketing, storytelling and technology for clients such as AARP, Epson, Western Digital, KING’S HAWAIIAN Bread, Pentel of America, EKOCYCLE and YouTube. Learn more at and

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Thanks to you, the Inaugural
Buddy Up! Invitational
was a day to remember!

By all accounts, our first year was a success. But don’t take my word for it. Check out these impressive stats:

  • 6,500 yards of golf
  • 110 energetic players
  • 400 bottles of Tea of a Kind opened by friendly hosts (
  • 140 burgers as served to perfection by our sponsor, Habit Burger (
  • 4 bags of marshmallows traveling a combined distance of 4.34 miles
  • 361 official photos captured by our sponsor, Brand Affinity Technologies (Download your free photos here)
  • 154 missed putts
  • 45 mulligans purchased (see above)

And the most important number…

We raised $15,000 for The OC Campership Fund!

Watch the recap video on YouTube! 

Plans have already begun for the 2014 Buddy Up! Invitational.

Click here to reserve your spot and ensure you are notified as we get closer to the event.

Again, thank you for helping us to send some well-deserving kids to summer camp!

Pete Deutschman
CEO, The Buddy GroupDonations are tax deductible as permitted by law. Tax ID# 23-7203342

By Mike Kirsch, Director of Video Production

“A good story and the quality of the content is what drives engagement. No matter how big the producer or provider behind the content, if the story does not connect… it is hard to break through to a larger audience.” – Jeremiah McMillan, “Building a Story That Translates Across Platforms

You might remember an article I wrote a while back about the importance of story over video length. I’ve always been a huge proponent of telling a good story rather than building a weak story around a seemingly cool idea. Just because you have access to a house with a pool, for instance, doesn’t mean you should make a video that takes place poolside. Figure out your main message and then develop the creative that fits it. If the logistics of planning your shoot outpace the available budget, then it’s time to rethink your creative. But this is always a better approach than trying to shoehorn a concept into a video just because “it seems cool”. (more…)

Our most recent article for MediaPost’s Video Insider talks about Why Every Brand Needs A Million-View Video.

Let’s just say, it’s not why you’d think…

On the internet, a one minute video is never exactly one minute. While traditional broadcast or web pre-roll video placements might occasionally force your hand into creating for a 5, 10, 15 or 30-second window, the vast majority of internet distribution channels allow for complete freedom from the constrictions of time. The anecdotal argument that online audiences will only tolerate short videos has now been proven false. Mediapost recently reported an Invodo study that found “37% of consumers spent more than three minutes watching product videos that are educational or demonstrate how to use a product.”

Whenever a client asks for a “one minute video” that’s intended for web distribution, I work with them to create a video with the appropriate informational content and it generally ends up running between 40 seconds and 1:30 in length. The takeaway here is “appropriate informational content”. Building the right message for an audience is a lot easier when you’re not watching the clock and it’s more effective to deliver a great video than one that just fits into an arbitrary time limit.

For content producers and brand managers alike, it’s important to always remember a little wisdom from Film School 101; story is king. The differentiator for good content will never be length, distribution outlet or even (in many cases) video quality. It’s not unheard of for a homemade video to amass millions of views. The key to success with an audience is to tell an engaging story that keeps their interest while it delivers your information. The rest is just adspeak.



6 December 2011

Get On The Music Boat

When producing online videos, investing in professional music is a common lost opportunity for brands. Think about it. A brand spends $30,000 to $300,000 on product marketing and consumer outreach videos, but fails to spend another 5% of that for unique accompanying music from either established or unknown artists. After all, as our Chief Creative Buddy Bryan says, “the parable of the Pied Piper is more than that; it is grounded in truth.”


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