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You’ve probably seen the ads or have read about the Microsoft Xbox Kinect device release at the end of 2010. If you haven’t, check it out and you’ll see why we’re so excited. Now, you’re probably asking yourself “How can I use that on my computer, or better yet on my TV!?” Ok, maybe that’s not the first thing you thought of, but we did, and we got really excited about the possibilities. (more…)


18 November 2010

The Social Inbox

How would you like to have all your emails, Facebook messages, IM’s and SMS texts collected into one central inbox that prioritizes your messages based on a list of people you say are your friends? Well if this is your dream, then it has finally come true.

Facebook just announced their new messaging system which links SMS, email, Facebook messaging and chat into one conversation. Now you can communicate constantly with those you care about and it’s all centralized within Facebook. You can keep track of your conversation history whether you communicate with someone via SMS, email, IM or Facebook.


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