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On the heels of mega-popular reality shows American Idol, Top Model and Trump’s Apprentice, The Buddy Group is proud to announce it will be featured on the new reality show “Extreme Website Make-over”. The show, to be featured this summer on NBC’s Bravo, will highlight The Buddy Group’s eccentric digital engagement team developing strategy, interactive creative and viral videos for new and old products which target audiences who are not typically online. From toddlers to the elderly, The Buddy Group will be out to prove themselves weekly in this one of a kind show.

Don’t forget to set your DVRs. Click here to watch the pilot episode shot last week!

April Fools!

OK, so we are pretty lucky over here at TBG.

Playmates toys challenged us to develop two microsites off the corporate presence in support of the upcoming mega-releases of Star Trek and Terminator.

Yeah, so we are pretty geeky, and so might I add are the visitors visiting both sites. You kind of have to be to enjoy the full frame product detail shots and first-release movie trailers we were allowed to highlight on the site.

We had over 7,000 unique visitors in the first 2 days of the Star Trek site going live and and average time on the site of almost 5 minutes. Not too shabby!

Go check out both sites ::

My favorite is the role play toy for Terminator I can’t wait to freak out my wife with this role playing mask where you can see out but they can’t see you! Hun, I’ll be back! GREAT WORK, BUDDIES!


25 March 2009

What a night!

We are excited to congratulate and thank our Buddies (clients) for the collaborations resulting in several OC ADDY Awards this year. We had a great time at the award show and rounded out the evening with a few drinks (maybe not a few) to celebrate.The projects receiving recognition will now move on to the regional level of competition. If all goes well, the entries will then continue on to the national level. Cross your fingers for TBG and these winners!

Land Rover
Land Rover Off Road Experience
Micro or Mini Sites

Old Navy
Old Navy Pattern Play
Banners / Pop-ups / Screensavers

Orange County Performing Arts Center
OCPAC Interactive Seat Buddy
Micro or Mini Sites

Western Digital
WD TV, HD Experience
Internet Commercials

Old Navy
Old Navy Urban Explorer
Banners / Pop-ups / Screensavers

Orange County Peforming Arts Center
OCPAC Virtual Tour
Micro or Mini Sites

Sony Playstation
Madden ‘09
Banners / Pop-ups / Screensavers

Eastman Kodak Company
Kodak Challenge
Website, Consumer Flash

Old Navy
OldNavy/Next June
Website, Consumer Flash

Old Navy
Old Navy Neon Lights
Internet Commercials

If you’d like to learn more about any of these projects, please feel free to call me directly at 949.468.0042 bunk 101 or email me at!


8 February 2009

Good Karma. Good God!

Fisker Automotive said “Buddy Up” and kick started a great partnership. All of us have some degree of car lover inside us. But this project unlocked a passion for cars and design that even we didn’t know we had…and we are kind of crazy about cool stuff like this.

I mean, it’s not tough to fall in love with such an amazing and socially responsible vehicle. But when you hear the story behind this team, this car and the innovation all you find yourself saying is, “WOW”!

Take a tour of the site, let us know what you think!

In September 2006, Glenstone opened its doors to the public and invited visitors to experience a new kind of museum. Located on 150 acres just outside of Washington D.C., Glenstone was created over the course of nearly two decades, transformed from a foxhunting estate into an environment where art, architecture, and landscape are presented as a seamlessly integrated experience. At the heart of Glenstone is its preeminent collection of post-World War II and contemporary art. This week, The Buddy Group and La Placa Cohen colaborated to launch the official website for Glenstone, This site allows visitors to elegently tour the grounds, learn about key works and engage in the process of reservation. We are very proud of this launch and the relaitonship with Glenstone’s wonderful and dedicated team.

The Inaugural BUDeFOOS League (BFL) is now underway! Eight teams of two will compete over the course of the season for the title of BFL Foosball Champion.

The history of Foosball is uncertain. Credit has been given to both the Germans and the French. It is believed that the inventor of the foosball table is a French inventor named Lucien Rosengart. The history of the BFL, however, is far clearer. It can be traced back to December 2008, when I brought in a foosball table to the office for the employees to enjoy.

What started as a break time activity in the game room of The Buddy Group office has now evolved into a fully developed Foosball League, played on a professional style table, with prizes, a league website, and of course, much competition amongst The Buddy Group employees.

The skill levels of the players in the league range from newcomers like Jason Dias, the league leader in goals after the first week, to Ronald Ravelo, a Peruvian foosballer who has been playing since he was a young boy. And the play isn’t just limited to the guys. Lone woman player, Barret “The Queen of Foos” Anthony, has proven to hold her own against the guys.

When asked what aspects of Foosball can be applied to life, Anthony Ruba, a member of the team Stiff Competition had this to say, “Have fun and hit it hard.”

This first season is certain to be a memorable one.

The league even has a website where members can view the schedule, player profiles, and track stats.

2008 Top 5 Campaign? Wow…that is great!

However, while the article notes that Spank Mrs. Claus was in 2008, it was really done in 2006. That’s OK. We appreciate the love any time we get it.

This year’s viral holiday card is getting quite a bit of buzz as well…
check out

2008 is almost over so we would like to share a great way to end the year. It has none of the calories of seasonal sweets and is only half as creepy as animatronic carolers. It’s 31 days of funny, so click here to see the ways in which our buddies hope to bring you a little holiday cheer every day. It’s our way of saying thanks for a great 2008 and cheers to accomplishing even greater things with you in 2009!




Answer: send a text message of course.

The Buddy Group’s launched a great new integrated mobile, digital billboard, messaging campaign for Shrek, The Broadway Musical. Shoot us a note if you see it!

When is the right time to make THE change? It’s an age-old question that empowers some and cripples most. The subject matter is nearly irrelevant to the equation. From personal relationships and new careers to weekly routines and business plans, any decision can be a difficult one.

One of the areas of great change in the immediate future will be how print publications keep up with a fragmented audience that is no longer apt to reading the morning paper over a morning Cup o’ Joe. Instead, they are seeking information on the go while powering down a triple espresso or energy drink of choice.

As the economic climate churns and technology catches up to creative visions, many publishers are realizing the time is right to change their focus from traditional print to online distribution. Case in point The Christian Science Monitor, which is one of the most recognized national papers. The publication recently decided to cease daily publication of its printed paper. It will still provide a print version, in a weekly format, while shifting its primary focus to its online presence including a daily electronic subscription product.

Many factors come into play when considering a major change of direction. For example, downsizing of staff, decreasing ad revenue coupled with higher production costs and of course, the increase of online options. Surely, The Christian Science Monitor is not alone in feeling the need to address its clientele where they are more inclined to be engaged, which happens to be when they are online.

Odds are if you have not already, soon your company will be debating whether or not the time is right to move its messaging more online than off. Any form of traditional communication—from a company newsletter and quarterly investor reports to product brochures and coupon books—can find a spark by blazing a trail along the digital frontier.

Delivering your message electronically helps track the success of these efforts. Unlike most offline efforts, everything you do digitally can be closely measured. For example, you’ll know how many users opened the email, read the document and/or acted upon a call to action. It also has a side benefit of taking a “green step” by reducing your company’s paper trail.

So when these winds of change blow through your meeting rooms, do not fear letting go of conventional tactics and following the lead of others by going digital. Regardless of scope, this change will be a powerful step forward for your company, one that colleagues will commend and competitors will fret.

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