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For one lucky person the answer is yes if they enter the “Why I Love My Hardie Home” contest with a short video about why they love their James Hardie or Artisan siding. Given the design, technology, durability and color options; we’re pretty sure there are plenty of these Hardie lovers out there and we can’t wait to see what creative content they’ll be entering.

The contest, which is just getting started, was a collaboration between The Buddy Group, our partners at Vertical Marketing and our client James Hardie. It’s designed to reward those that love their Hardie home as well as encourage them to share their story with others. You can learn more about the contest by visiting or you can watch the video right here…

So, if you, or someone you know, has James Hardie siding then enter soon and sail through three months mortgage payment free!

It’s Friday and what better way to share some TGIF fun than allow you to have a little yourself. Take your basic photos from great:

The Buddy Group Signpete_original

to amazing and INTERACITVE. Just click to zoom in and see the detail:

The Buddy Group Sign Mosaicpete_mosaic_thumb

To have fun with your own photos, check out Sixdots and start making some mosaics of your own! Thanks to developer buddy Matt for the fun tip of the day!

Facebook Logo

by Brett K., Developer Buddy

There’s no denying Facebook’s overwhelming dominance within the social networking arena. With traffic numbers quickly approaching Google-esque levels (and trouncing those of the Internet supersites of yesteryear), their growth seems to have an almost “Manifest Destiny” quality. At the social media poker table, Facebook is peering over at you from behind a formidable, hard-fought stack of chips that would make a Sultan blush.

Conversely, we have FriendFeed. Started by a handful of former Google engineers, it doesn’t have even a small fraction of Facebook’s user base. What it does have, however, is something that Facebook (and it’s users) have been getting all frothy over lately – real-time search. Coupled with the obvious talent behind the FriendFeed curtain, Facebook’s acquisition of FriendFeed makes a whole lot of sense, at least from a business perspective.

People have been quick to opine that this move is meant to strengthen Facebook’s position against Twitter (to which FriendFeed was often compared, in terms of service capability) and to more firmly establish Facebook as a serious player in the realm of short-form, real-time social networking. Personally (and I’m not alone in thinking this), (more…)


28 July 2009

Training Shoes-

It’s no secret that every once in a while there is a buddy that we have to keep hush-hush, but we still want to share a few things about this particular adventure with you. Recently, a buddy came to us with the task of promoting a certain product with hopes to increase traffic at their various release events across California. The two main outlets our buddy chose to use during this campaign were Twitter and online blogs/forums which significantly limited our outreach tactics, which made us even more intrigued with this project. So as usual we held a camp pow-wow, gave a round of high-fives and then broke into teams to get it done.

With a two-week timeline we were able to execute from start to finish a Twitter and blog/forum campaign that received numerous amounts of publicity among our target audiences. Our “buddy” mentality really took full effect in this project since we shaped the tone of our campaign as friendly resource passing the word to our other friends about a great product being release along with a few awesome freebies — Who doesn’t love to get free stuff?

Our “little birdie” said the events opening weekend had an incredible turn out. They were completely “unprepared for the amount of traffic they received and felt this was a great situation to have!” The following weekend had another significant amount of traffic providing a great end to the campaign. So this story goes to show it isn’t the tools you are given but how you use them that will create success.

Every now and then, The Buddy Group embarks on a journey pushing the walls of technology, digital video and consumer interactivity. While we can’t talk about the specifics of this new adventure (yet), I would like to share what got us in the conversation in the first place.

Since our inception we have been pioneering what interactive video can do today and what it should be doing for storytelling in the future. Over 5 years ago we developed “Pause to Play” and “Zoom and Learn” interactive video tools. Those tools evolved into more than just a cool application, they evolved into the core of several online ad campaigns; virtual tours and ultimately the genesis for one of our most widely recognized interactive video applications- our Interactive Seat Buddy. We also produced a rich media campaign at the end of 2008 which is still talked about in online advertising and widget circles for its ingenuity and creativity.

The progression of those technologies (and knowing the right people) led us to the new opportunity I alluded to above. Our Chief Creative Officer, Bryan Boettger said it best when he said “Our ability to think beyond what is possible today is only surpassed by our team’s unbelievable ability to understand how consumers want to connect to brands and stories tomorrow.”

Buddy Up!

Our Buddies at 24 Hour Fitness have challenged us once again. No, not to a bench press competition (all though I am pretty sure we would win thanks to P90X), this time to a digital challenge around the launch of their new high-end facilities.

In our latest challenge, we were asked to develop an way for new guests to access services, information and maps of their facilities, ensuring a great first experience.

The Buddy Group developed an interactive touch-screen application which, when deployed, worked with each of the 24 Hour Fitness websites, databases, schedules and ultimately provided exactly the experience they were looking for.

As an added plus, we made some new “Buddies” with our new 24 Hour Fitness employees.

Unless you happen to visit these newly launched facilities, you won’t see the interactive experience.

So, we put a quick video together for you to check out.

This month we celebrated July 1st as Happy DTS 7.1 Day! “Give me 7.1 surround sound or give me complete silence”.

Celebrate 7.1 on 7/1! from DTS Digital Entertainment on Vimeo.

DotLot played the producer role and called on some of our finest crew to shoot this production. We had the chance to work with some amazing talent: Fred Willard, Lou Wagner, Richard Horvitz, Robbie Troy, John Pollow along with some talented DTS buddies. This was a quick one day shoot which took plenty of preparation. We all had a great time on-set and off-set!

Even the Agoura Hills Mayor Denis Weber got into the act by proclaiming July 1st to be “DTS 7.1 Day” in honor of their cutting edge 7.1 surround sound audio technology.

Also … signup and be a part of this celebration as DTS is given away Blu-Ray Discs, Playstation 3 and a 7.1 audio system! Go on and have some entertainment!

The Buddy Group is proud to announce another “Buddy” to the family, James Hardie.

James Hardie – America’s #1 Brand of Siding is known for innovative siding products that increase the beauty, value, safety and durability of your home.

In colaboration with our partner, Vertical Marketing Network, The Buddy Group’s Creative and Audience Engagement team are developing plans to take the social and digital landscape by storm with unique promotions, videos and programs geared toward customers, channel partners and the building supply industry at large. Check back form more updates or better yet…follow them





A website is only a slice of the overall digital footprint and mobile is just getting started. Think of the PSP/iPhone app war about to go down!
–Content should be created for as many digital distribution paths as possible (based on appropriateness)
–Interacting with content beyond your computer or website is key to every form of marketing. Understanding what is possible and “what works” is invaluable knowledge.

—-Direct Response
–Integration across multi-platforms requires serious geeks who can work within the confines of marketing KPI and leverage ANY digital platform properly.
–Widgets are not going anywhere…just evolving. What I mean is that where widgets are placed and how they interact with the other content on the page (or on your screen in the case of next generation widget enabled TVs).

See this widget example we did for McDonalds McCafe

I had the pleasure of attending the intriguing, challenging and encouraging Milken Institute this week. Unbelievable! The quality of the speakers were unsurpassed. The quality of the production was superb (every room was streamed real time to the web as you will see via links below)!
So here I am, the CEO of a small business trying to make sense of the news clips which summarize the daily ups and (mostly) downs of the last 18 months as it relates to my family, my personal finances and the business for which I am fully vested. Imagine now, being placed in a room with some of the brightest hedge fund managers, economic advisory panel members, professors, historians, institutional investors and venture capitalists, not to mention Steve Forbes, Pete Carrol, Deepak Chopra and others (see Speaker List).

Now go with me here….imagine watching panels and debates as I did, on issues that ultimately affect how I run my small business, hoping to glean a glimmer of knowledge, a glimmer of insight, a slice of intelligence which will give us a competitive advantage. Issues such as “When will growth resume?” (click to watch), “Infusing Technology into Education for economic competitiveness” (click to watch), “Global Health: New Business Models” (click to watch) and other macro and micro issues all of which intertwine.

This small business owner got everything I could have hoped for and then some! The “then some” came from talks by entrepreneur Lynda Resnick and a panel called Entrepreneurship: A formula for long-term economic growth .

So what did I take away? Well, after just 100 days, you President Obama, get my thanks and complete appreciation for everything you are trying to do. My head is spinning and my optimism could not be stronger. Optimism for the future of America, our recovery and eventual return of capitalism and ability for entrepreneurs to be once again one of the key ingredients of what makes our Country so great. This is just a slice of what I enjoyed from the event. Quick tweets can be seen on my Twitter page ( @mybuddypeted) or search #GC2009 for other’s reactions and links.
Take some time, watch some of the and if you can, attend this conference next year. I have not been this inspired since the day I first started The Buddy Group!

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