After three days of walking, walking and, oh yeah, walking, it was time to head home. CES 2013 was over, and once again the tech conference did not disappoint.

On our way to the airport I was discussing what I had seen with some colleagues. As usual, there were a whole lot of gadgets and technologies that got us excited, but what really stuck with us were the things that the people around us got excited about. We decided that the only fair way to make a “Best of CES 2013″ list would be to mention the things that we had overheard other people talking about.

So here it is, the list of things we heard other people talking about at CES 2013.

1) “Did you see the NHK 8K TV?” “Yeah, that’s a lot of K’s!”20130113-232654.jpg

2) “Samsung has a 21x optical zoom camera phone! I want it!” (Okay, this one was announced earlier in the year, but it’s still super cool.)

3) “Is that a bendable TV? That’s cool!” Yes. It was a flexible OLED display from Sharp.

4) “You have to try Icepan ice cream at Harrah’s. They flash freeze it right in front of you.” “Try it? I’ve had it six times this week!” Technically this was just in Las Vegas, not at CES but yes, apparently the guy next to me had this amazing milk-and-fruit ice cream six times. I only had it three times, but that’s because I was only at CES for three days. If you can get to Harrah’s I highly recommend it.

See you at CES 2014. Until then, I’ll be dreaming of delicious, 8K, optical zooming, flexible displays. The true future of convergence.

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