by Bryan Boettger, Chief Creative Officer

There seems to be two “must attend” tech conferences: CES and SXSW. So, as everyone gets ready to attend SXSW, we thought it the right time to release the first five videos in our Connected14 Thought Leadership Series filmed at CES.

The resulting videos on Connected14 — the connected experience of the 10-ft smart television, the 3-ft computer and the 1-ft mobile device — have been themed under five topics:

See all the videos in a handy playlist on YouTube. Hopefully this provides some fodder for some of our Buddies to talk about at SXSW!

Speaking of Buddies. A big shout out to all the Buddies who graciously agreed to be interviewed and took time out of their busy CES schedule. So “Thank you!” to:

  • Aayush Phumbhra, Co-Founder, Chegg
  • Alan Chan, Founder and CEO, Bread
  • Brad Ball, Former CMO McDonald’s/Former CMO NASCAR, Moroch
  • Catherine Spurway, Senior VP Strategy and Marketing, Pointroll
  • Chris Curtin, VP Digital Strategy, Global Marketing, Hewlett-Packard Company
  • Darren Herman, Chief Digital Media Officer, The Media Kitchen
  • Eli Marcus, Sr. Director of Products, CNET Content Solutions CBS Interactive
  • Eric Meyerson, Head of Video Advertiser Marketing, Google
  • Frederick Lee, Media Solution Manager/Architect, Panasonic Avionics Corporation
  • Galileo Destura, APAC Philips uWand Sals Manager, Philips uWand
  • Heather Anderson, VP of Marketing, The Retail Outsource Companies
  • Jason Lopatecki, Chief Strategy Officer, Tubemogul
  • Jason Mowery, Verizon Wireless
  • Jeffrey Hayzlett, Former CMO-Kodak, Bestselling Author, The Hayzlett Group
  • Jordan Fiksenbaum, Cirque du Soleil
  • Pete Deutschman, Founder & CEO, The Buddy Group
  • Seth Barron, Team Lead- Account Solutions, Google/YouTube
  • Shaheen Kazi, VP of Marketing, Omek Interactive
  • Tom Moroch, Founder, Moroch

We look forward to releasing more Connected14 videos in the (near) future!

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