There’s a lot of dribbling this month, especially from the mouths of our King’s Hawaiian college basketball FANATICS! Because as we know, there’s nothing sweeter than watching your favorite team take it to the hoop, while devouring King’s Hawaiian® tasty bread and rolls. So, we teamed up with our island buddies to create an irresistibly delicious bracket of recipes that the whole “ohana” can enjoy and share!

Now, until April 4th, fans who have “liked” King’s Hawaiian Facebook page will be able to share their favorite party recipes when watching college basketball, via King’s Hawaiian Sweet Bread 16 “Recipe Rivalry” tab. We built this custom Facebook tab with a college basketball tournament look and feel and created an exciting viral campaign. King’s Hawaiian fans can help spread awareness on their walls with each vote of their favorite recipe.

Here’s how it works. On the tab, we pitted 16 unique party recipes against each other, within four different categories, with the Facebook “Like” button activating the voting and sharing components. All combined, this promotion fully embraces both the “aloha spirit” of King’s Hawaiian and the competitiveness of tournament style college basketball.

This campaign does more than allow existing Facebook fans a taste of the party recipes that can be made with King’s Hawaiian® products. In addition, it will help those who are lovers of all things tasty, become mouth-watering King’s Hawaiian fans, via our innovative application of the Facebook share functionality.

So, join our team by becoming a fan of King’s Hawaiian on Facebook, visit our “Recipe Rivalry” tab, and vote for your favorite game day recipe, today. It’s a lot more fun to cheer (or yell) at your TV while you have a mouth full of yummy King’s Hawaiian® bread and rolls to sweeten the score!

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