25 August 2009

Step Up – Buddy Up

Over the last year, The Buddy Group and Western Digital have worked tirelessly on the development and deployment of one of the hottest new media players out there, WDTV. This HD Media Player allows your TV (or other monitor) to play all of the media on your external hard-drive in FULL High Def (HD). As we have mentioned in previous posts, The Buddy Group designed the highly acclaimed user-interface, developed several marketing videos (see below) and created a unique product emulator which is currently being used as a sales tool to better learn its feature and benefits.

Our latest (but not last) engagement with the Western Digital WDTV Player team allowed us to produce a highly informative digital out-of-home experience allowing potential customers to learn about the features, benefits and ease of use while walking the isles of their nearby Best Buy.

This end cap display featured three videos, produced in house on The Buddy Group’s DotLot stages. The Buddy Group helped to script, cast, produce and art direct all of what you will see when you visit your local Best Buy store and we could not be prouder. We are darn proud of the product user interface design and the wonderful collaboration we continue to see with Western Digital’s WDTV team. So without further ado…

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