Okay, so no buddies were actually invited to jump on ESPN’s Madden Nation tour bus and travel the country playing Madden NFL 09. However, TBG’s creative efforts were equally newsworthy.

The Buddy Group successfully completed its first project with Deutsch on behalf of Sony Computer Entertainment America. The objective was to promote the Madden NFL 09 PSP Entertainment Pack through cutting-edge rich media ad units.

There were three ideas on the table. Two involved building scaffold on DotLot’s 1200 square foot main studio. Essentially, a stuntman was lowered on cables from three-stories up to pickup a PSP off the field in what was referred to as the “human chain”. A variation of that concept saw the same stuntman actually “grab” a PSP right out of the hands of a rival fan in the level below. In both executions, the final cut appears as though a friend of the fan is physically lowering his buddy down to snag the PSP.

The “dive” concept used less cables and risk of physical harm, but still put a stuntman in the middle of action. An unsuspecting fan is enjoying their PSP during a game when suddenly a stray football knocks him over and sends the PSP flying through the air. A nearby patron witnesses this event and in his relentless pursuit of a PSP makes a miraculous, diving catch.

But enough words, let’s allow the images to speak for themselves. Take a look at the behind the scenes footage to truly understand the challenge Madden brought to TBG.

Watch the Making of Madden 09 for PSP Rich Media Ads.

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