23 September 2008

TBG Is On The Money!

Every so often the perfect project arrives on my desk. The opportunity has all the right ingredients. Ideal clients, innovative ideas, technological challenges and the opportunity to give something back to society. You know, it’s the dream scenario only heard about in business school.

Well, sometimes fantasy meets reality. For one of our most recent launches, TBG was put to the ultimate test, in a scholastic setting no less.

The assignment: Create an entertaining and educating online game. The examiners: High school students, teachers and leading business education experts. (And lawyers say passing the BAR is tough!) Well, I am happy to announce TBG passed with flying colors.

Johnny Money Online Game simulates the operations of a small business for up to two years. Players choose their store type, take out a small business loan, hire employees, set marketing budgets, determine product markups, and so on. They encounter events that force pivotal decisions in the success of their venture.

The game was beta tested with 70 high schools around the U.S. Students and teachers from these schools provided valuable insight in the creation of the full release of the game. The target audience for the game is high school students aged 14-18, but anyone can play this educating online game.

So how did it come about?

Johnny Money Online Game was created over the course of a year using a combination of Flash, PHP, & MySQL technologies. The game was structured and conceived through the combined efforts of The National Federation of Independent Businesses (NFIB), Young Entreprenuer Foundation (YEF), The Wharton School of Business and The Buddy Group.

Click here to try your hand at creating a business with the help of Johnny Money.

And while you’re at it, take a look at what others who played the Johnny Money Online Game have to say.

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