The Buddy Group recently completed a two phase project for Topps’ Baby Bottle Pop.

The initial campaign promoted a new series called Message in a Bottle, where consumers receive a message inside the candy. The message relays a code that provides access to interact with other consumers on Baby Bottle Pop’s website, which is home to several games targeting the tween market.

From concept creation through production TBG was responsible for creating standard as well as rich media ads complete with a match game. Check out Baby Bottle Pop Message in a Bottle ad campaign.

The second phase for Baby Bottle Pop was similar to the first in terms of animation and overall concept. Alterations included main messaging as well as creative elements to promote new website components.

TBG’s was tasked with promoting the Diaper Dollar Store. This online trading place allows users can get cool items in exchange for their island and avatar with points won in games. Take a look at the Baby Bottle Pop Diaper Dollar Store ad campaign.

The final tactic involved messages to promote Baby Bottle Pop’s partnership with the tween sensation the Jonas Brothers. TBG used the same animation, but swapped out new copy to promote the band’s presence on Baby Bottle Pop. Get a glimpse of the Baby Bottle Pop Jonas Brothers ad campaign.

This successful endeavor marks another successful joint venture between JL 360 and The Buddy Group. Look for all three ad concepts across websites targeting tween audiences.

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