Start with the end in mind.
The beginnings and ends of every engagement are inextricably linked. Even the best of ideas and teams will flounder from the beginning without starting with the end in mind. The Buddy Group takes this philosophy into every one of our engagements.
Sharing insights together.
The Buddy Group is not an agency that operates within a black box. We believe our clients are some of the greatest sources of inspiration. Mixing your business knowledge with The Buddy Group's rich online experience and outside research creates an engagement better than any one of us could do on our own. We bring the experience gained through a multitude of award winning projects and apply it to the unique needs of your business.
Starting with the end in mind and having quality collaboration allows The Buddy Group to put together a proper framework for a successful engagement. Many details go into a proper framework, but here are three we find to be the most important.
Objective & Subjective Goals
Every engagement must have objective goals - goals you can definitively quantify. However, we also understand you may have subjective goals - these too must be laid out to provide a directional arrow for where we aim to go.
Target Audience
There are no "what, where, when, why or how" in an engagement without a properly defined "who." The Buddy Group helps you identify who your current audience is and who you want your target audience to be.
Technology & Platforms
There are a myriad of online technologies and platforms to work with, but not all are right for your goals. The Buddy Group always puts content first and foremost, and never utilizes technology simply for technology's sake.
Design, Develop, Deploy.
The Buddy Group's team of strategists, designers, developers and video producers have worked across numerous verticals, with some of the top brands in the world, winning some of the highest honors in the field. We design, develop and deploy online stories and engaging conversations to achieve your goals.
Gather Data
We believe in the power of numbers. Properly tracking usage of online engagements brings about the best chance of long-term success. From Google Analytics to Omniture tracking to Facebook Insights data, The Buddy Group believes gathering data is of paramount importance.
Numbers do nothing on their own. Analytics don't exist without analysis. The Buddy Group's team brings the experience to help best understand what the numbers are saying.
True engagement comes through a dialogue - listening to the data on usage and responding by enhancement based on those learnings. No marketing or advertising engagement is perfect - print or online. However, the perfection of online is that you have the opportunity to enhance.
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